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Instructional Coaching Sessions

Week 1 - Coordination/Dribbling

Warm Up - 10 mins

Tunnel GameFour cones are set up in a line in the center to create three gates. Two groups of players dribble their ball around their half of the field, waiting for the Coach to blow the whistle. On the first whistle, they dribble thru the first gate to the other side. Once on the other side, they resume dribbling. On the the second whistle, they go through the second gate, and on the third whistle, the third gate.


Coaching Point - Emphasis is on dribbling with the head up to avoid other players.

Make it Fun -  Competition, see which team can go through the most tunnels without bumping into anyone or bumping into the cones. 

Tunnel Game.png

 Team Tag - 10 mins

Storm the Castle - Split team into two groups. One group will have balls while the other group will not. When the coach says go, the players with the balls try and hit as many of the other team (below the knees) as they can with their ball. If they hit someone, they get a point. If they miss, they get their ball and try getting someone else. Players without the balls are trying to avoid getting hit.


Make it Fun - Play for 1 minute. At the end of the minute tally up how many points each person has and add their scores together to get their team score. Switch roles and play again.

Play for several rounds. Encourage teams to get a higher score then they did last time.

Coaching Point - Encourage each player to alternate feet if they gain a lot of points..

Team Tag.png

Cross the River - 10 mins

Two Islands where players start with the ball. Coach or a volunteer defender is in the middle. Players with a ball try to cross the river/dribble by the coach/defender/(shark) from one island to the next without being tagged by the coach/defender (shark). If a player gets tagged he will freeze in in the middle with the ball over his/her head  until his teammates unfreeze him by touching him when they cross for a second time.


Coaching Point - Close control of the soccer ball, big touches when the defender/shark is not close by.

Make it fun - Instead of being frozen you become a shark/defender. Last player left wins.

Cross the River.png

Treasure Island - 10 mins

All players are gathered in one area with a ball each. In the other area there are cones scattered around which represent (Treasure: Coins, Gold, Jewels) The coach acts like an angry pirate who does not want his treasure to get stolen so he walks around his boat but when he goes away then the players with the ball quickly go after the treasure returning it back to their island. Only one cone at a time.

Coaching Point - Keep the ball close and under control when approaching the treasure, Big touches to go fast when taking the treasure back. Can you stop the ball before the treasure area without losing control or going too far?


Make it Fun - To begin with each player has to do two toe taps to resume if tagged. They then become a pirate/defender and help the coach.

Treasure Island.png

4v4 Game 20 mins

4v4/5v5 Game. Try to encourage them to touch the ball as many times as possible.  

Coaching Point - Diamond or Triangle Shapes, No GK. As the coach have a handful of balls ready to feed in once the ball goes out of play. Try to say to the players "whoever is in the biggest space I will roll the ball to". Also ensure when rolling the balls in that its not the same players receiving the ball. Players that may not be as involved receive the ball to ensure maximum touches.

Encourage all aspects of the session and have fun.

Wk 3. 4v4 Diamond Shape (Game).png
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