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Individual Session

Individual Session - Finishing/Shooting
by Darren Beesley, (USSF A / UEFA A)

Warm Up - Agility/Ladder Work 

 Cones or any kind of markers can be used as an alternative.

  1. x2 Sets - Two feet in the spaces, focus on quick feet.

  2. x2 Sets - Side to Side. 

  3. x2 Sets - Right foot only in the spaces, followed by left foot only in the spaces

  4. x2 Sets - Sprint to the furthest cone/space, backwards side to side through the cones/spaces. Sprint forward. 

First Touch/Finishing

x2 Players. Set up a square/box a comfortable distance from the goal or a target - Players must be on their toes ready to receive the ball in the square. Good first touch to control the ball inside the square, finish to the goal or target. Server -Good Pass thats weighted correctly.

If the ball goes outside of the square on your first touch still react and finish to the goal or target. Emphasis on your touch being out from under your feet to allow you to strike through the ball, knee pointing down hitting the target.

Coaching Point - First Touch, Knee Pointing Down, Head over the Ball.

Progression - One player can work or if multiple players are available they can rotate. Once the players pass the ball to the square, quick sprint, touch and hit. Continue to rotate.


x6 Balls placed a comfortable distance from goal. One cone or marker placed to sprint around. Work both feet Left and Right x3 Each. Finish to Goal.

Progression - Time yourself, keep count.

Coaching Point - Focus on quick feet/Agility around the cone, short steps, Angle of approach to the ball, 


Work in a small square. Ball is played in to the square, quick turn out of either side and finish. Work both sides Left and Right. Incorporate Turns and various movements.

Coaching Point - On your toes, Quick Turn, Ball out of your Feet, Across the Goalkeeper


x4 Cones - One attacker and One Defender. Each player has to go around the cones. One player with the ball a set distance and the other without the ball further distance. Player without the ball chases down the attacker who goes to goal once around the cone.

Coaching Point - Close Control, Quick Turn, Ball out of your feet, Across the Goalkeeper


x2 Players. Both players have their back to the server who rolls the ball towards Goal. Players need to react and compete 1v1 to Goal. Focus on your first touch taking you across the defender once you react the quickest, shoot across the GK.

Coaching Point - First Touch takes you across the Defender, Body in front, Shoot across the GK.

1v1 Finishing

1v1 to Goal. Have the defender start in a position that allows him to apply pressure on the ball. 1v1 to Goal. Attacker should focus on his first touch being away from the defender this time not across the defender. Still looking to finish across the GK. 

Coaching Point - First Touch away from the Defender, Finish Across the GK.

Coaching Points

1.First Touch out of your feet. Angle of Approach

2.Chest over the Ball, Knee pointing down, Head over the Ball. Hips and shoulders to Target.

3. Hit the Target, Across the GK.

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