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Individual Session

Individual Session - First Touch & Passing
by Darren Beesley, (USSF A / UEFA A)

Warm Up - Agility/Ladder Work

 Cones or any kind of markers can be used as an alternative.
  1. x2 Sets - Two feet in the spaces, focus on quick feet.
  2. x2 Sets - Side to Side. 
  3. x2 Sets - Right foot only in the spaces, followed by left foot only in the spaces
  4. x2 Sets - Sprint to the furthest cone/space, backwards side to side through the cones/spaces. Sprint forward. 

Receiving/First Touch

Start with two players and then progress to three players. Passing back and forth on your toes. Two Touch then one touch. Quickly progress to three players, movement around the cone. See example below.

Work for 1 minute with 1 minute rest in between x 5 Sets

Coaching Point - On your toes, Head up at the target, Step into the pass, follow through to the target. 

Receiving/Making Angles

x3 Players required. Set up a square in the middle where the player receiving the ball is working. The ball is played into the player. He can take a touch and play it back or ideally one touch back. The player then opens up outside of the square with his hips open, body shape correct to play around the square to the opposite player. See example.

Coaching Points - Good first touch, on your toes ready to receive, body shape when receiving to open up.

Receiving/Making Angles (Multiple Players)

Advancement on the above exercise. Two players working in the middle at the same time. 

Work for 1 minute with 1 minute rest.

Coaching Points - Good first touch, on your toes ready to receive, body shape when receiving to open up. Weight of Pass, Timing.

Receiving and Passing

x2 Players. Set up two boxes - Players must be on their toes ready to receive the ball. Good first touch to control the ball inside the square/box. If the pass is inaccurate and does not reach the opposing square, point to the opponent. If your first touch goes outside of the square, point to the opposing player.
Progression - x3 Players. Winner stops on, Touch restriction, Three touch or Two touch when receiving.

Coaching Points - Good first touch, Inside of the foot, passes that remain below knee height by stepping in to the pass and keeping your knee over the ball. Accuracy and Weight of the Pass is Key.

Receiving and Passing/Multiple Players

Advancement on the above exercise. x4 Players. X2 Players in each square. Three touches per square. Two touch per player.
Progression - Each player has to touch the ball.

Coaching Point - Accuracy and Weight of the Pass, Communication, Positioning.

Coaching Points

Players ready on their toes to receive a pass. Always proper passing and receiving

technique using the inside or outside of the foot (ankle locked, contact middle of the

ball). Keep the ball moving, know where you want to go when you receive the pass. Be

aware prior to receiving the ball. Weight of Pass dictates the play and next phase.

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