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Instructional Coaching Sessions

Week 5 - Close Control

Warm Up - 10 mins

Shadow Game - Each player has a ball and a partner. One player has the ball, partner is the shadow/defender without a ball. The player without the ball has to follow his teammate, staying as close as possible to him. The player with the ball has to dribble various directions and lose his partner/shadow. When the coach calls freeze see which player is the furthest distance from his shadow/partner. Alternate who is the Attacker/Defender and who has the ball.

Coaching Point - Encourage each player to keep the ball close to their feet, change of direction, change of speed to lose the defender.


Make it Fun -  See which player can create the most distance between him and his shadow/teammate. Winner gets a point. Rotate who plays who.

Screen Shot 2024-05-10 at 9.40.15 AM.png

Advancement Shadow Game - 10 mins

Advance the game to 1v1 where the Defender/Shadow can now win or steal the ball from the attacker/partner. Whichever player can protect the ball longest wins.


Coaching Point - Continue to encourage the players to keep the ball close to their feet. Shield the ball using their body position to protect the ball, change of speed, change of direction.

Make it FunCompetition by seeing which team has the most players with a ball when the coach shouts freeze or calls time.

Screen Shot 2024-05-09 at 12.08.04 PM.png

The Snake - 10 mins

Each player has a ball. All players are dribbling with a ball with the exception of two defenders

The two defenders hold hands or wrists and form a snake. The snake works together to tag the dribbling players with a ball. Once they tag a player with a ball, that player joins the snake.


The Snake must try to stay connected at all times. 

Coaching Point - Close control of the soccer ball, big touches when the defender/snake is close by.

Screen Shot 2024-05-09 at 11.45.39 AM.png

Capture the Balls - 10 mins

Players can be divided into two teams or four teams with either two bases per team or 4 bases (1 Each) The bases are placed in each corner. Soccer balls start in the middle of the grid or spread out around the playing area. On the coaches command the players can dribble one ball back to their base. Players can then steal soccer balls from each team's bases.

Coaching Point - Keep the ball close and under control when approaching the base, Big touches to go fast when taking the soccer balls from base to base. Can you stop the ball inside the base under control without losing control?

Screen Shot 2024-05-09 at 11.49.48 AM.png

4v4 Game 20 mins

4v4/5v5 Game. Try to encourage them to touch the ball as many times as possible.  

Coaching Point - Diamond or Triangle Shapes, No GK. As the coach have a handful of balls ready to feed in once the ball goes out of play. Try to say to the players "whoever is in the biggest space I will roll the ball to". Also ensure when rolling the balls in that its not the same players receiving the ball. Players that may not be as involved receive the ball to ensure maximum touches.

Encourage all aspects of the session and have fun.

Wk 3. 4v4 Diamond Shape (Game).png
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