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Girls Game Schedule
Saturdays 10:15am-11:15am
OBGC Field 3

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OBGC 4v4 Developmental Soccer Guidelines


This program is a great introduction to soccer for children in first and second grade.  

The 4v4 format provides a smaller field for more touches on the ball, and greater scoring opportunities.

This means more FUN!  

All involved should be allowed to participate on an equal basis with the primary emphasis on skill development, teamwork and leadership.  

Good sportsmanship is expected at all times from the players, coaches, and parents. 



Field dimensions are 35x25 yards. 



The team consists of four (4) players WITH NO DESIGNATED GOALIE on the field.

(No 5v5 or 6v6 at anytime !!!! ) 

This program is designed for inclusive participation; therefore, all players must play an equal amount of time if possible.

If a team shows up with less than the required number of players, the game should be played.

The other team should lend players or could reduce to 3v3 format

Player substitutions can take place at any time you can also rotate players between both fields.  

Players must wear shin guards and gym shoes and use a size 3/4ball.



The game will consist of 2, 20-minute running halves then rotate team to play a different group of players.

Teams are allowed a 10 minute warm up to allow players to be ready to play.

PLEASE START AND END ON TIME!!! Make sure everyone has equal playing time. The coach from each team will act as a coach/referee and should operate in between both 4v4 fields to direct play and offer encouragement to the players, a coach or parent will be designated as official time keeper.



There is no offside rule. There are no penalty kicks.  

Kick offs are taken:  To start the game and each half. 

After a goal is scored, the team that was scored upon will take the kick off from halfway 

How Taken –The Ball is placed in the middle of the small sided field. The defending team must be at least four (4) yards from the ball in their own half. Play is started when the ball is played.

Goal kicks are taken by a member of the defending team when the ball passes completely 

over the goal line/end line.

If the ball goes over the end line of the defending team that will result in a corner kick to the opposition

If the Ball goes over the sidelines players can start with Kick- ins or Throw-ins  



Coaches are responsible for their own conduct as well as the conduct of their players/parents

and spectators.  

Coaches are encouraged to take up a position on the field that doesn’t interfere with play

(In the space in between the 2 grids used)

This allows ample coaching opportunities. Also, they should be encouraging of all players and not be intimidating through their physical or vocal conduct. 


No hand shakes just fist bumps after the game with the other team



On arrival check the fields and put the Pug goals up, make sure cones are in place.  

The 10.15am group will be responsible for breaking down their 2 fields at the conclusion of their games at 11.15am. Leave the equipment by the field 3 sign as you enter the field.

Players should play with a size 3/4 ball for the games.

All players should take a ball to the Tuesday night Practice (with their name on it). 

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