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House Soccer Coaching Sessions

Week 7 - Counter Attacking
by Darren Beesley, (USSF A / UEFA A)

Warm Up -10 mins

3/4 Squares/Grids with 5 or 6 players depending on numbers available in each box. Start by each group passing and moving, one touch, two touch, on their toes. Number the players 1-5 or 1-6. Whichever number is called goes and defends in the opposite box. If 6 players per box advance to 4v2.

Coaching Point - First Touch, Angles, Take a touch if you have time.

4v1 Boxes.png

Possession/Counter,Transition - 10 mins

Large possession area with each team having a target player on each side. Halfway line down the middle of the area. Possession takes place in one half of the field. Play then gets switched to the opposite target player on your team. Every player on both the Attacking and Defending team transition quickly to the other half of the field and then look to keep the ball in that half of the field and repeat. Use a Neutral player to gain more success. Use count passes prior to finding the target player. Example x3 passes before you can hit the target player but keep it minimal.


Advance to the Neutral player can remain in the the other half and used as an additional target player to transition through. Limit the Neutral to two touches. It will emphasize the team in possession quickly supporting the play. Players passing the ball can take the player on the outsides position. Rest/Recovery


Coaching Point - Head Up, Play forward when possible, Transition quickly. Movement.

Possession Transition.png

Option #1 Counter Attacking - 20 mins

Possession area just over the halfway line. Defending team team have target players on each side. and for the defending team its a simple possession exercise trying to play to their targets #2/#3.

Attacking team try to make three/four passes again keep passes minimal and attack the Goal. After three/four passes they can dribble or play a through ball which allows three attackers to attack the goal. The Two Target players on the defending team #2/#3 become recovering defenders 2v3 and try to chase the Attackers down. Rotate the recovering defenders frequently.

Coaching Point - Head Up, Play forward when possible, Transition quickly. Movement.

Counter Attacking Session.png

Option #2 Counter Attacking - 20 mins

6v6 Possession with two End Zones. Each Team initially try to dribble the ball into the end zone that they are attacking. Progress to players can pass the ball into the end zone (Through Ball) and players can arrive as the ball arrives to score.  

Advance to once they have dribbled into the end zone they can continue to attack the goal. just simply add a GK and allow one defender to recover and defend. 

Coaching Point - Fast and direct, Look to play forward quickly. Counter-attacks consist of minimal passes. Limit the pass count.

End Zone Penetrate from MDF.Jpg

8v8 Game - 35mins

8v8 or 9v9 depending on numbers available. Shape of the team should be 1-3-3-1 or 1-3-3-2 . Encourage players to play forward and attack quickly. You can overload one team so that the attacking team have one extra player over the defending team to encourage success.  


Coaching Point - Encourage all aspects of the session, Counter Attacking. Speed of Play. Look to play forward.

Counter Attacking 8v8.png
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