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MSYSA Registration Process

In order for players to be eligible to play for the OBGC Academy teams, players must be registered with MSYSA (Maryland State Youth Soccer Academy).  Please follow the steps below to complete the registration process.  



Click on the link above for Got Soccer.  If you are new to Got Soccer, please create an account.  If you are a returning member, log into your account.


If setting up a new account

Click on "I'm registering my child or someone else" 

Fill in all information with an "*" - it won't let you move on if any required fields are missing. 

After you have created your child's account, it will show your name and your child's name.  

Click on "register" next to your child's name.

register - got soccer.jpg
reistrant info.jpg


Registering Your Child

Again, fill in all information with an * next to it.  Once all information is completed, hit "save".  


Upload Your Child's Photo

On this page you need to upload a picture of your child.  It is important that this is a passport style photoPlease take your picture head on in front of a white door or wall.

Once uploaded, hit "save". 

jack photo.jpg
add parent .jpg


Add any additional parents/ guardians

Next you can add any additional parent/guardian if you want or simply hit "continue".  


Fill in Additional Info

Next you will need to fill in all emergency information and medical information.  Physician and Insurance information is optional. 

emergency info.jpg
age group.jpg


Select Age Group

Select the appropriate age group for your child.


Select Team

Select the appropriate team for your child.

select team.jpg
birth cert.jpg


Registration Tab Note

On the registration tab, you will need to upload proof of date of birth.  

Use a birth certificate if you have a copy.

A passport is an option, but passports have an expiration date.  If the passport expires during the upcoming season, then the player card will become invalid.  


Sign on the line

Provide your signature certifying the information provided.

sign on the line.jpg


Remit Payment

Finish the registration by paying the registration fee to MSYSA. 

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