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House Soccer Coaching Sessions

Week 5 - Playing out from the Back
by Darren Beesley, (USSF A / UEFA A)

Warm Up -10 mins

Players start simply by passing in a triangle shape. The player closet to the flag/cone represents the central midfielder #6/#8 linking play together (Triangle). Play around the cone/flag..

Coaching Point - First Touch, Weight of Pass, Angle to receive, Open your body up, Inside touch.

Passing Pattern Playing out from the back.png

Combination Advancement - 10 mins

Two Players #6/#8 start in the middle. Both players check to the ball to receive the pass opening up their body and playing to there right. Both receive at the same time. Players simply follow their pass. Player that passes to the central player #6/#8 takes his place in the middle. 


Coaching Point - First Touch, Weight of Pass. Angle to receive, Open your body up, Inside touch. Check to the ball, Look over your shoulder.

Playing out Passing Pattern.png

Playing out from the Back (Small Possession x3 Zones) - 10 mins

Three Zones 2v2v2 x1 Neutral #6/#8 (Yellow) x2 Targets GK's. Possession to Targets (GK). The team in possession try to play through the zones into the opposite target player (GK). The Neutral player can drop in to any zone and make it 3v2 to try and play out. Team in possession can send a player in as an extra player (Overload) Multi Directional. Target players are the GK or they can represent the central defenders.


Coaching Point - Weight of the pass,  ensure the ball is kept on the surface, take a touch if need be x2 touches, angles to receive, body shape when receiving the ball is open.

2v2v2 Playing Out from the Back.png

Directional possession - 20 mins

8v6 or 7v5. Overload the team that you are working with and then rotate. Team defending the goal are playing out from the back and score by dribbling the ball into the opposing end zone with the ball under control. 

Focus on the central midfielders dropping in to receive the ball and link play. Right and Left defenders should spring forward as the outlets in playing out from the back. 

Progress to players receiving a pass in the end zone and arriving at the same time as the ball is played as opposed to dribbling in.

Coaching Point - First Touch/Control. Combine, Decision making, timing of runs, composure on the ball. Angles.

Playing out from the back. expanded.jpg

8v8 Game - 35mins

8v8 or 9v9 depending on numbers available. Shape of the team should be 1-3-3-1 or 1-3-3-2 . Encourage triangles on the field which allows players to link up and combine. Use a neutral player at times if numbers are uneven. Encourage the midfielder to drop slightly deeper and find the space between defenders to link play together and provide an option for the defenders and GK to play through.

Coaching Point - Encourage all aspects of the session. Example of one combination below of Playing out from the Back 

8v8 Game Playing out from the Back.png

Playing out from the Bank - Darren Beesley (UEFA A / USSF A)

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