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House Soccer Coaching Sessions

Week 2 - Switching the Point of Attack

by Darren Beesley (USSF A / UEFA A)

Warm Up -10 mins

Passing Pattern. The Ball is played into the #7. The #2 Player who passes the ball overlaps the player receiving the ball. The two central players connect with the ball being played in front of the overlapping player. Repeat the opposite way. Every two minutes change the central players. The pattern replicates the overlapping right/left defender in a wide area. #7 is the wide player coming inside creating space for the overlapping run.


Coaching Point - Weight of Pass, Timing of the overlapping runs, arrive as the ball arrives.

Over Lap Pattern warm up.jpg

Combination Advancement - 10 mins

Players start in each corner of the square. Ball is passed sideways to start - See example #11 to #7. Ball is played into the #10, #8 comes around the face of the receiving player and plays a weighted pass in front of the #11 who times his run. Repeat the opposite side. Ball goes sideways, goes in to the central player with the #8 always coming across the front of the #10 playing a weighted pass in the space for the wide player.


Coaching Point - First touch when receiving the ball, weight of the pass to help the receiving player.

Timing, Communication.

Switching the Point of Attack_Play.jpg

Small Sided Possession (Switch of Play) - 10 mins

Area size can vary based on numbers at practice. Example shows 3v3 but it can be extended to 4v4 or even 5v5 (Just make the area larger). You can also add in two neutral targets on the side if need be. Wide player #7/#11 and Full backs #2/#3.

Three Players or how many or in the middle for the exercise remain in the middle and look to switch the point of attack to the neutral wide players on the side who play with both teams. Combine in the middle to try and switch the play. Neutral wide players play back to the team that played them the ball and they look to then switch it to the opposite side of the field.


Coaching Point - First touch, Heads up at all times, Angles to receive, Neutral side players are in line to receive the ball at all times.

Switching the Point of Attack copy.jpg

Four Goal Game - 20 mins

Area size can vary based on success. Four Goals in each corner with each team attacking two goals

Have a line down the middle of the field to separate the field into two halves. The aim of the exercise is to switch the point of attack to try and score in either of the two goals placed in wide positions.

Initially have players restricted to 3v3 either side of the line down the middle. You can then progress to allowing one player from the team in possession to create an overload. Progress to the defender can follow creating 2v2 in a wide area.

Coaching Point - Combine, to switch the point of attack, Decision making, Angles to receive, Creating overloads.

Switching Play 4 goals.jpg

8v8 Game - 35mins

7v7 or 8v8 or depending on numbers available. Shape of the team should be 1-2-3-1 or 1-3-3-1 . Have a wide channel on either side of the field with initially a neutral wide player on either side that plays on both teams and attacks either way. Progress to a defender can go out in the wide channel and defend against the neutral wide player and then progress to a player from both teams play against each other in the wide channel, no neutral (Directional)

Coaching Point - Encourage all aspects of the session. Combine to look to switch the point of attack

Switching the Point of Attack Wide Zones.jpg
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